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Paw Line

661 263 2424

27736 McBean Pkwy Valencia CA 91354

Sun-Mon: 11am-6pm

Tues-Sat: 10am-8pm

Pets N Suds is a family owned pet shop serving the Santa Clarita area. The owners and staff truly care about the health and well-being of all animals that come into our store and we see to it that they all have proper care and loving homes.

All adoption fees are used to pay for animal food and health care (shots,vet visit etc).

All animals accepted into Pets N Suds are RESCUES ONLY, meaning the animals are brought in by community members or unfortunately left at our door step over night. Pets N Suds does not support nor work with animal mills, therefore we have absolutely no control of what  breeds or type of animals will be available for adoption in the store. We are happy to help find new homes for all reptiles, rodents, and mammals.

We are also a full line pet store. We carry pet food/treats, collars/leashes, toys and can get you almost anything you would like.

Have your canine pampered with a soapy sudsy bath!! Leaving them smelling clean and fresh!! Paw Line